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There are many different explanations of channelling but here I will explain it as I understand it, as it works for me.

OK, so what is channelling? Channelling is a form of communication between humans and angelic beings, spirits and other non-physical entities.

In my case, I have spirit guides who come from different dimensions. Channelling, for me, is the ability to connect with and tune into my guides. Often the messages are non-verbal because the information that I receive is raw information coming from a higher sensory level. However, I am able to translate them into human words. Basically, I am able to merge my energy with that of my Guides' energies so they can communicate through me.

To do this, I ask mentally to connect to them. I close my eyes and concentrate on allowing their energies to merge with mine and to allow their wisdom to come through me.

Physically it feels as though the back of my head is opening up, as if their energies connect in through there. I often have to sit up straight as if I am making room for them and my head seems to move about, as if I am listening intently.

I am very aware of what they are communicating and often question it, if what they are saying feels unlikely. Of course, they can see everything from a point beyond time and space as we know it, and are very wise so are correct. I am not in a trance and I have not been “taken over”. I am still very much present.

It’s the most wonderful experience to be able to merge with them and to be able to let their messages flow through me. It’s like being in a bubble of love, light, wisdom and joy.

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