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The Spirit Guide Hotline

Let my guides help you get clarity and insights, find answers and resolve problems.

Are you are working on a new project or looking to make changes in your home, love, work life, do you need some additional support?

The Spirit Guide Hotline is here to help you.

By providing personal guidance straight into your Whatsapp

Ask me anything about…

  • Love
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual matters
  • Money
  • Business
  • Health and Wellbeing

How it works

Choose the package below, related to your desired number of questions and timeframes.

I create a private Whatsapp group where you can ask me anything and I answer within 24 hours – (Monday to Friday).

No question is too silly.

It’s completely confidential.

Choose the best suitable package for you:

Solo session

One off question – 24 HOURS

This is a great starting point when you are new to channeling and spirit world,or when you need an answer for one question only.

See T&C for details


Silver package

5 questions - Over a month

This option is suitable when you need an occasional guidance within one month

See T&C for details


What people, who have experienced The Spirit Guide Hotline, say:

"Spirit Guide hotline ... it was just the name of the concept that made me curious, and I wanted to experience what was behind it.
I booked me in for one Spirit Guide hotline week and it started amazing because finding the right question was already a deep process of self-interrogation.

In short time after I sent the finally defined question, I received a voice message that clearly answered in an unexpected way.
It so much resonated that the next days the questions came in naturally and after that week I exactly knew where to focus on over the next time.

It was super surprising for me how quick the messages came through and that really is the big, big advantage of Olwen’s hotline.
No delay in delivery because Universe is the fasted connection I ever experienced, and Olwen is amazing in channelling the messages from her guides.

It was super helpful and deep and honest and clear, and I will check in again!!!!
Thank you so much Olwen for your beautiful work!"

Gudrun Otten, Life Story Mentor

"When I found out about the Spirit Guide Hotline, I had to jump at the chance of doing it and wow it has blown my mind. Thank you so much to Olwen and her guides as every day for the last month with my Questions to Olwen each day it has helped and guided me on my spiritual path. Olwen and her guides have brought me so much reassurance, joy, excitement, happiness, freedom. Olwen you are an Angel. I would highly recommend people to get on this spirit guide hotline as it has changed my life and it can with yours. Thank you again Olwen x"


"Can’t speak highly enough of this brilliant new service from Olwen Jennings.

It’s a great way in to working with channelled information if this is new to you and a fabulous way to build some momentum if, like me, you need some support over time.

I started out with a list of questions I intended to ask, but actually what happened was that the answer to the first question took me in a different direction and so those questions became superfluous!

The insight, clarity, support, and love communicated through these short messages is so powerful - it’s a tangible reminder that the universe really is working with you!"


"I couldn’t wait till the payment link was ready to purchase my access to the Spirit Guide Hotline.

During the seven days of connection with Olwen’s Guides I was able to reconnect with my own guides.

That week showed me how important it is to focus on the right questions. What I loved the most about the answers that I’d received was that they were not prescriptive, they were presented in the form of guidance, even an invitation to connect with my Inner Wisdom on a much deeper level than I allowed myself due to a conveniently busy schedule.

I highly recommend giving it a go, you will be surprised and delighted to be able to receive guidance from Olwen’s Spirit Guide Hotline."

Inga Deksne, Intuitive Business Strategist

"When Olwen brought out the Spirit Guide Hotline, I was there in a heartbeat! I chose a weeks’ worth of questions.
It was absolutely brilliant. Very exciting and fun too. Every morning popping my question into the hotline and as always spot on guidance from Olwen and guides. So, at the end of the week, everything that had been bothering me the week before had evaporated. Thank you so much, Olwen, and jump on people quick this will become a ‘call waiting/line engaged’ hotline with the volume of calls and rightly so.”

Marie Morris

Terms and conditions

It will be your responsibility to submit your question within the 30 day period.
Questions to be submitted between 9am and 6pm BST.
No questions during the weekend.
You will receive a channelled answer within 24 hours.


The guidance provided by Olwen and on this website is intended solely for spiritual, channelling, and energy purposes. It is important to understand that the guidance offered here is for informational and entertainment purposes only.

You, as the recipient of this guidance, are responsible for using it at your own discretion. If the guidance pertains to health-related matters, please be aware that it does not replace or override any advice given by medical professionals. It is advisable to consult with your doctor or healthcare provider regarding any health concerns or issues. Similarly, if the guidance involves financial matters, it is essential to note that it does not substitute or supersede the advice provided by financial professionals. Consulting a financial advisor or expert is recommended for any financial decisions or concerns.
Please feel free to contact me for additional information or if you have any questions. During a session, I may offer advice or guidance on personal or private matters. However, it is important to acknowledge that no guarantee can be given regarding the accuracy or suitability of the information provided. Ultimately, the decisions and choices you make because of the session are entirely your responsibility.

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