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"Olwen I know I've said this to you in person but I absolutely adored this course. Fascinating, soothing and gave me such an outlet for relaxation - and that's even before getting into the spiritual connections I made and was introduced to - where would I be without Old Beardy Bloke?? And I love that the meditations are available for me to do again and again - because every time you do meditation you get something new on a different level. Your patience with daft questions is valuable too... I would recommend this to anyone and everyone - and I'd do the course again too!! Thank you, Olwen!"  

Alex Brown

Thank you, Olwen, for facilitating a brilliant course.

You are like a wise owl and so inspiring to listen to. Highly recommend your teachings. 

Even though we were all different levels on our spiritual healing journey you adapted the sessions appropriately and gave us all a chance to be heard and feedback without any judgement and always there to support us if necessary.

I am now feeling more comfortable connecting with my guides and enjoying asking them for guidance in my everyday life.

Many thanks"


"I really enjoyed the course, I always felt intuitive but I think I had closed the door on that side of me whilst I was busy bringing up my children. Other than asking for parking spaces! The course was perfect, a friendly group, sensitive approach by yourself and the group meditations seemed to open the door again for my intuition. Since then I have rediscovered so much of my old self and your course was definitely the starting point."

Stephanie Buckley

"Through doing the course, I realised that I already have a fair amount of Intuition, particularly in being able to feel how others are feeling. The course helped me to be more aware of this. I mostly get gut feelings. 

I enjoyed the zoom calls, particularly the meditations. I also enjoyed the Facebook group and reading the documents. 

I would recommend this course to others who would like help discovering their intuitive abilities and finding out more about the chakras. You have a lovely relaxed way of giving the information and giving the meditations. And you have a chat and a laugh on the calls. 

Overall I enjoyed the course. I wish you well, and I would participate in your courses in the future."

Jenny Taylour

"I loved the ‘Trust Your Intuition’ program that Olwen ran recently, it was exactly what I needed to go back to basics, confirm knowledge I already had and enhance my inner GPS further.

As I run a spiritual business, I find I connect with my guides and spiritual support team a lot, however, this can be in lieu of my own inner guidance which is why I felt I needed to sign up.  

The course was perfect with its content and pace, I could dip in out of the Facebook group and catch up on the weekly calls on replay if I couldn’t make the lives.

Over the 4 weeks, my intuition strengthened considerable and I got many intuitive hits and synchronicities.  The healing and information that Olwen shared on each of the calls were wonderful and I received exactly what I needed to up-level this aspect.

If you’re thinking about signing up then trust your inner urges or the nudges you may be getting - this is your intuition letting you know it’s just what you need at this time.

Olwen is a wonderful teacher and creates a space that is loving and supportive, which allows you to spiritually grow.

Thank you, Olwen, it was wonderful, I’ll definitely be signing up for more."


"Hi lovelies, just thought I'd share that I really feel my connection to my intuition and 3rd eye chakra has hugely improved since going on this journey with you guys. Feeling stronger, more empowered and like I am finally finding my inner voice alongside my inner heart and intuition. I hope you are all feeling positive and connected. Love, Lucy x Thank you Olwen"

Lucy Hurley

"You can work with Olwen in two ways - 121 or on one of her courses. I took part in her 'Develop your Intuition' and 'Meet your Spirit Guides' courses.

Olwen creates a safe space to explore connections, develop understanding and increase trust in your own intuition.

You're in safe hands - and will enjoy those meditative moments."

Lynne Stainthorpe

"I had an amazing session with Olwen & her guides. I feel so much lighter and met some of my guides for the first time. I feel like I have woken up if that makes any sense at all. I would highly recommend having a session."

Angie Johnstone Candler

"I had a very helpful session with Olwen. She is a very gifted, unique, authentic and intuitive lady who puts you at your ease immediately and can help give you clarity with regard to your next steps. Thanks Olwen, delighted to have met you online. You are star quality."

Maria Doherty

"After one of Olwen’s taster sessions that I was extremely lucky to be privy to. She confirmed to me things that had only occurred in my life in dream and thought, no one could have known this information as I hadn’t told anyone about them at all. As an artist I am always second guessing my talent and after Olwen confirmed to me about new guides this information felt right. She also came up with some great ideas for my art that I can it into my healing business. It was a productive, life affirming session for me. She is one special talented lady."

Berni, Manchester

"My dear FB friends I want to introduce you to amazing Olwen Jennings - Channel, Coach, Healer who I believe is the UK's answer to Esther Hicks. I had a free session with Olwen where she demonstrated how she works. It helps if you come with a particular question and she channels the answer through her guides. Her session has a side effect too, it takes your intuition one level up.

While I was listening to Olwen's response I started getting my own messages, and I got a brand new title for my VIP services.

The best part is that thanks to Olwen my intuition channels opened up so much that I am still getting constant flood of information and "instructions" what to do, which created a huge turning point in my business

If you are a fan of Esther Hicks you will love a session with Olwen, and I strongly recommend signing up for working with her on a deeper level."

Inga, London

"I was really fortunate to experience a channelled coaching session with Olwen recently. I'd never had one before so was very curious/intrigued. Before the session I was a bit nervous. I've so much going on at the moment that my head feels fuzzy most of the time. Out of all of my issues, there were two that were taking up the most time & energy for me.

After the session I felt completely different. So calm and grounded. Olwen's beautiful voice is so gentle and relaxing, so she instantly put me at ease. Her Guides made me feel like they knew me inside and out. They gave me so much clarity and common sense. They confirmed things I already felt but also offered me a different perspective where it was needed. I felt very safe and protected during and after the session. More than anything, I felt I had the answers I needed.

I would highly recommend booking a coaching session with Olwen if you feel lost, worried or in need of direction. Her energy is amazing. She has a beautiful gift and I'm so grateful to have received it."

Karen, Dublin

“I just had another amazing Channeling Session with Olwen and her guides. I think I gave her a bit of a shock as I got quite emotional at the end explaining to her how very accurate and understood I felt. Olwen is my ‘go to’ for clarity and direct messages when I need guidance or I’ve lost my way or my mojo somewhat. Please book her! Her gentle and truthful way that she channels the messages is so comforting and she/they give you a clear path to follow. Isn’t this what we all want?"

Marie x


"I had a very interesting channelled message session with Olwen and her guides. They were able to give me insights into my relationship, and enabled me to understand more about how I have been feeling and the progress we have made. I also got insight as to how to improve things in future, both with the relationship and my own self care. Olwen channels the messages in a very caring way, and I understood the messages that were given to me. Olwen has a lovely gift, and I would recommend her channelled coaching."

Jenny, Ireland

"I received a channelled coaching sessions from Olwen’s guides, I am blown away at the information I received from them. They could tell what was going on for me over the past while. I received confirmation and guidance from them, also in the session I felt so relaxed and ease.

After the session I could see that the information I received was so spot and I have a clear picture of where I am going in life.

Olwen has an amazing gift and I highly recommend a  channelled coaching sessions, no matter what's going on in  your life and you need a bit if clarity, Olwen and her guides can help

Thanks again"

Sharon, Ireland


"I had the most beautiful time with Olwen during our channelled session. Her guidance was everything I needed to hear and most of what she brought through gave me great clarity and validation that I am on the right path. it was so specific in areas that I was grinning from ear to ear as Olwen spoke. 

Anything that I didn't already have an idea or feeling about that came through is very exciting for me given the accuracy of Olwen's work.

Olwen puts you at ease straight away with her beautiful calm energy and brings forth such beauty and clarity through her guides that you will want more and more.

I highly recommend this amazing woman."

Siobhan, Ireland

"I highly recommend working with Olwen. I have been on her spirit guide course and have also had one to one sessions with her and her guides. Whether connecting with Olwen online or in person, I have always felt immediately at ease and peaceful. I feel transported to another realm and have always been left feeling better and inspired. Her courses are both fun, inspiring and enlightening. I can’t recommend her highly enough. It is always a joy to connect with Olwen."

Karen, London

"I had a channeled session with Olwen, not only was she very accurate to what is happening in my life, but. helped me to understand my intuition and trust my own judgement

Olwen has a very genuine energy and makes you feel at ease straight away. The information from Olwen and her guides is very detailed and helpful, allowing for questions to be asked and answered while Olwen is channeling. Very interested in getting a further session as the guidance and help is amazing there is nothing that Olwen couldn't help with, she is honest and a beautiful soul. would recommend Olwen to anyone who is looking for clarification guidance life change insight life development and everything in between. Thank you so much was a pleasure love and light beautiful soul."

Emma, Ireland

"I  have just experienced the most amazing channelled message through Olwen.

To say it was a message feels to de value it in a sense because it was more than just a was a conversation where I could ask questions as they came into my head as well as having thought about what I wanted to ask prior to me meeting Olwen's guides.

I felt quite emotional at first as I was welcomed so warmly by Olwen's guides and the encouragement they gave me was beautiful.

They helped me to see things from a different perspective and confirmed some of the things I had already been pondering over, but had not trusted my own thoughts and ideas and had gone into overwhelm.

I feel like such a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders and I am so much clearer as to how I am going to move forwards, particularly in my business which ultimately affects my mood in my personal its a win win situation.

Olwen's ability to channel her guides is amazing. Its such a smooth transition and Olwen has such a beautifully warm and relaxed approach.

I am so very very grateful to both Olwen and her Guides. Thank you so much for this amazing experience.

For anyone who feels they need some guidance in their life, then Olwen and her Guides bring so much love and healing and guidance.

Thank you again."

Helen, Yorkshire

“Wow. What can I say. I’ve just had the most amazing experience with Olwen and her guides. And I was able to watch the whole thing as it was unfolding! To be able to channel spirit so beautifully is a fantastic gift and the way that Olwen works with her guides is a joy to watch and an honour to be part of. Not only was it a fantastic experience, but the information that was channelled to me was spot on and gave me so much to think about moving forwards in my life. I felt loved, supported and valued and have been given some beautiful clarification about where to go next by Olwen’s guides. I can not recommend Olwen highly enough and can not wait to hear more from her guides in the future. Thanks so much for the gift of spirit messages.”

Kat, Hertfordshire

"Really nice to chat with Olwen and tuning into what mine and her guides have to tell me.

It feels so natural like I am connecting with a lot of special friends - who know me inside out.

My hopes are to expand my intuition - instead of relying on my crystal dowser.

I am definitely chatting more to my guides since being on Olwen’s course (connecting with my spiritual guides .)

Which I highly recommend.

I also feel that my Reiki healing has benefited greatly - a lot more powerful.

I am feeling optimistic and excited and I want to say a huge thank you to Olwen for believing in me and her encouragement.

I feel blessed that our paths have crossed and look forward to working together more in the future."

Debbie, Hertfordshire

"I have just completed meet your Spirit guide course with the lovely Olwen.

I really enjoyed following the Meditations which encouraged me to connect deeper within.

Olwen was very supportive and has a very friendly approach. Highly recommend thank you."

Debbie, Hertfordshire

"I've just completed the 'Meet your Spirit Guide' course with Olwen. Before the course I felt a lot of fear regarding contacting ' the other side'. Through guided meditation and a 1 to 1 chat Olwen supported us all and took the fear away.

I'm now left with more confidence to believe I have a spiritual team around me & am discovering another very interesting career path!"

Geraldine, Cheshire

"I recently completed Olwen's Psychic Development Course and loved every minute of it. Olwen is truly gifted and she teaches in such a calming and reassuring way. I knew a little bit about it, but the way Olwen taught it brought me so much clarity and deeper understanding. She has such a lovely way of explaining things. Olwen is a beautiful soul and so very approachable. I never feared asking what I might have thought was a 'stupid' question! The meditations I received were also amazing and added to the overall experience. I recommend anyone, of any level of experience to seek Olwen's help and guidance. Thank you Olwen."

“I have just completed a wonderful Psychic Development Course with Olwen. I have found it enlightening, uplifting and incredibly interesting. Olwen is a truly intuitive and lovely person, and I very much looked forward to our weekly calls. I'm sorry the course is over and will miss her!

“Thank you so much Olwen for such an in-depth and meaningful reading. I woke up this morning with a lightness I haven’t felt in ages. I feel quite emotional after reading it, and it will take me a while to process it all. I am truly grateful, and will write a review on your page as soon as I do. Namaste, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness.” 

"Thank you to you and your guides for the messages. It all makes a lot of sense to me. I will need time for them to sink in, I will make time for reflection and healing."

“Wow. I have no other words! 100% spot on. A million percent spot on. I need to read it again...Now I cannot thank you enough!

"I had a reading with Olwen last week to connect with my Guides through hers and have to say her information and guidance was AMAZING."

"I sought Olwen out as I knew she would be able to connect and give very straight forward information that I can use both spiritually and practically.

I felt very much at ease and everything was spot on. It was truly interesting and Olwen is very gifted. I'd recommend to anyone to have a reading

Thank you Olwen for your gift of a reading. I found it very accurate, reassuring and above all, very healing. You truly are gifted. It has given me a renewed pep in my stride. Namaste.” 

"I have seen Olwen several times for readings and would not go to anyone else. I value her honesty, integrity and accuracy. Olwen ensures that you have understood the information she is passing on and gives clarity where needed.  Olwen is a very warm, caring and compassionate lady and I have recommended her to friends and clients.”

“I have been speaking to Olwen for over 10 years and find her insights valuable. Many have come true! She is also a supportive coach and that, coupled with the psychic insights, is an inspiring conversation. Olwen has a unique talent for sensing a person’s gut feelings and is able to quickly relate to how they are feeling.

Her guidance provided me with faith, hope and clarity in difficult times. During more positive times she has become a supportive confidant in the ups and downs of life.

She is also a lovely trustworthy person!”

Before the reading I was feeling a bit lost in terms of my business and life direction. I’m running a successful new spiritual business and wanted clarity on how best to move forward. During the reading Olwen explained the process and how it would be just like having a conversation with friends. I had a number of questions which were easy to ask, with brilliant advice bring given.

It was a memorable experience and I’ve gone away with much to think about and action. I also got clarity on specific guides I knew were wanting to connect with me and I have a greater idea on who they are and how to do that now. If you want to-the-point guidance and a better idea who is here helping you on your path, then you need to book Olwen, don’t delay.

“A few days ago I was extremely privileged to be able to speak with Olwen's Guides. Before, I had been feeling really unsettled and confused, with so many different thoughts and ideas going through my mind. I did not know which direction to take or how to move forward. However, the 'conversation' ( and it was just that) that I had with Olwen's Guides who 'spoke' through her, was absolutely amazing.

Just before Olwen connected with her Guides, she discussed with me what was troubling me and we had a very friendly, open chat. Then when she was just as if 'they' had been listening...and in so doing...they knew exactly what it was that was bothering me. I didn't have to explain anything again or repeat anything because they already had the gist of our conversation!!! How amazing is that! They guided me and offered me suggestions. The best bit was being able to ask them direct questions...just like you do with your friend when you are in trouble!!!

I came away absolutely elated because my mind was settled and I knew what action I needed to take next.

So amazing and fantastic. I can't recommend Olwen enough. She is so gifted. If ever you need any advice...then Just Ask Olwen!"

“Following a difficult couple of months, I was signed off work with stress in January last year. I felt like I was no longer coping with the humdrum of daily life - raising two boys, working full-time as a pastoral leader in secondary education, looking after a home, with little time left for myself. I contacted Olwen because I trusted her intuition. When I first met Olwen, she told me things about myself that she couldn’t have known and so I believed in her. I had seen that she had started doing coaching with Reiki and I wanted to give myself every chance of feeling better about my life, feeling more positive and in control of my future. The coaching sessions allowed me to revisit some earlier life experiences and discover some of the blocks to my own beliefs. The Reiki allowed me to reach a level of relaxation that I had struggled for so long to achieve.

After several sessions, combined with a regular commitment to running with my closest friends, I was able to regain my work-life balance and believe in myself again. I still return to Olwen for Reiki when life feels a little hectic and I need time out - I would recommend Olwen to anyone who needs some emotional and mental support. Olwen helps me to look after myself, so that in turn, I can look after others. Thank you, Olwen!”

“I had come to a crossroads in my life. Broken up with my boyfriend, moved out of my flat and changed jobs and I had a feeling of something nudging me that this was the time to start thinking about what I really wanted to do. I felt confused and my mind felt bogged down with 'stuff'. I didn't have any clarity, I just knew I needed to be doing something.

I found Olwen on the internet as I was looking for life coaching but with an added intuitive element. She ticked both boxes and suggested a 15 minute chat first, which I thought was such a good idea before leaping in to sessions where you don't know if it suits you. After the first 5 minutes of the phone conversation, I knew that this was the right person. It felt right. Olwen is friendly, personable and confident. She can relate to you and is easy to talk to. We decided on some sessions and I can honestly say, now I've come to the end, I feel so much more in charge of my life. My thoughts are clearer and I trust in my 'gut' feelings more. I've come away feeling like I know which direction I'm headed in. My mind is at peace and I feel equipped to make some decisions on my future.

I would recommend anyone to go and have sessions with Olwen. Whatever your reasons may be, you will leave there feeling like you have made the first steps in sorting out whatever it is that bought you to her in the first place. She makes the sessions feel like a comfortable conversation with a friend. No judgement ever, just guiding you gently.”

“I first went to see Olwen as I had begun to feel a little unsettled with my life and felt somewhat unfulfilled, even though in many ways I was leading quite a privileged life. She helped me identify and unravel some of the underlying problems that were making me feel this way. The process started with a tarot card reading, which led on to some coaching sessions. I found that working with Olwen brought me greater clarity not only within myself but also with issues that I was dealing with from both the past and present. I also had a Reiki therapy session with the aim of releasing negative energies and helping me move forward with my life. My time with Olwen has given me the courage and motivation to make positive changes in my life, regain some of my power, and made me feel more positive about moving forward and creating a reality that serves me better.” 

I was drawn to have a session with Olwen on a friend’s recommendation because I was going a spiritual breakthrough around my life mission and I wanted to make sure my Divine guidance was right. 

I felt so reassured after our session. Firstly Olwen’s  calming presence immediately had me at ease and what she channelled was exactly what I had been getting but it felt so big I thought maybe I misread it. I feel much more confident and reassured now that I had this validation. And I am excited at what is unfolding for me in my up-leveled calling. I would highly recommend Owen for anyone else going through big breakthroughs or who have a big mission as we co-create this new earth. After all we are human and having Olwen to be an added director on our pathway adds sweetness, love and reassurance to the path. I see Olwen as our European version of Esther Hicks! Thanks Olwen I will he recommending you to many! Love Marcia x

Marcia O’Regan, Brussels

Thank you for a very insightful session the other week. It has given me the strength to carry on with my mission of moving country with my children. Things are unfolding just the way your guides said they would and that’s amazing. The reading came just at the right time. I am still striving towards my goal but with less stress and just a knowing that All is well.

Thank you so much!

Jessica, London

I had a chanelled reading with Olwen and wow what an amazing reading it was.  Olwen tunes into your guides easily and its clear someone else is giving the message, but in a loving and supportive way.  I was wanting some advice from the guides about my business and the guidance that came through was very loving and supportive.   They mentioned things that I had been thinking of, but not yet decided and that no one else knew, and here they were talking about it and advising me to go do it!  It was great confirmation and unlike any other reading I've had. I highly recommend your channelled readings it really got to the heart of the matter for me and I felt it was speaking to my soul.  Thank you Olwen I've no doubt I will be back again for another reading in the future.

Sarah-Joanne, Manchester

My dear FB friends I want to introduce you to amazing Olwen Jennings - Channel, Coach, Healer who I believe is the UK's answer to Esther Hicks. I had a free session with Olwen where she demonstrated how she works.

It helps if you come with a particular question and she channels the answer through her guides. Her session has a side effect too, it takes your intuition one level up.

While I was listening to Olwen's response I started getting my own messages, and I got a brand new title for my VIP services.

The best part is that thanks to Olwen my intuition channels opened up so much that I am still getting constant flood of information and "instructions" what to do, which created a huge turning point in my business (details will be revealed in near future).

If you are a fan of Esther Hicks you will love a session with Olwen, and I strongly recommend signing up for working with her on a deeper level.

Inga Deksne, London

Working with Olwen has been life-changing for me, so if you’re thinking about it, I recommend you give it a go!  Maybe start with a clarity call as a taster for how she works.

Olwen herself is wonderful to work with, wise, compassionate and empathetic.  She creates a safe space and it’s so easy to open up.

She also makes her channeling feel completely normal.  My experience has been that It’s like chatting with a friend, albeit one with an incredible perspective on me, my life, and the things within it that are challenging me.

More than anything, I’d like to get over the fact that whilst these can be big topics, it can have real-life practical benefits.  For example, I’ve been able to transform my relationship with my boss (which was really fractious; we just were NOT on the same wavelength at all).  Now there’s a real mutual understanding and respect which I honestly didn’t think was possible and am still amazed how far we’ve come.

From cutting cords with aspects that no longer serve you (cue AA Michael and his big sword!), to examining repeating patterns in this life, everyday problems-solving and working through past life hangovers, I highly recommend Olwen as your go-to!


I first learned about Olwen Jennings through my Facebook news feed. 

After listening to a talk hosted by Olwen, I was  then drawn to working with her.

I found Olwen to have a very kind,caring and supportive nature. 

I felt very safe and comfortable talking to her about my personal situation and challenges.

Olwen was very patient and gentle and has a good listening ear. I also felt supported after my sessions as she was contact able if i needed to ask a question. 

From the sessions I got guidance on how to move forward on my path and how to deal with the challenges I was facing.

I received messages and Olwen helped me to work out solutions to any issues i was facing. 

I also received healing which has helped my relationships with others.

I would highly recommend Olwen for all of the services she works with from healing to guidance and readings. 

I know that i can contact Olwen in the future for further sessions if needed ... I can talk to some one genuine,passionate and dedicated to the work they are doing.

Thank you Olwen for all your support.

Katherine Sullivan

I have had a few sessions with Olwen, each time was a wonderful experience. My first session brought me out of emotional trauma. I could feel myself coming back into myself and for the first time in over a year I felt peaceful. Olwen and I continued to work together and it allowed me to move forward in a direction that started to bring joy back into my life.

Olwen exudes authenticity, truth and love. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.

Orla Brady

I have recently done a session with Olwen where she channelled so much wisdom from her guides. Olwen has a lovely welcoming energy which puts you at ease and she is very intuitive, supportive and nurturing. She is a great coach and offers so much guidance and wisdom.

I would highly recommend working with a Olwen if you are looking to get clarity on your business or even direction in any area of your life.


Recommend this lovely lady had a guidance & healing session and it has really helped bring clarity for me moving forward. Olwen is kind and caring and has an amazing gift channeling her guides. Thank you loved our session xx


I reached out to have a session with Olwen between Christmas and New Year is this is a time when I get to stop a little in my business.  I had heard Olwen channel in a group situation and was interested in having a channelled business session with her.  This felt like the perfect time to reflect.  The way Olwen works is that she is very present and has connected with her guides before you have your session so they are aware of the session.  The information that Olwen bought to me was very powerful, a huge confirmation that I was on track and heading in the right way in my business.  I had created a trademark and modality and business is going well – her guides confirmed that I was doing all the right things and gave me some more insights to help me move forward and gently get out of my own way (in certain areas).  It was a gentle but transformational session – I have listened a few times and have actioned a lot of the pointers with aligned results.  Thank you Olwen.

I also asked Olwen to deliver a masterclass in my membership and all the members she delivered a message to were blown away by her insight and some went on to book sessions.


Feel really blessed to have found Olwen and her wonderful teachings. As an intuitive, who mainly has Claircognizance and Clairsentience; I often struggle to understand signs and tune in to 'me'. Olwen teaches in a clear, kind and informative way

She is gracious and gentle, as well as being very knowledgeable and flexible

Loving the Intuition course and taster and looking forward to doing more . Thank you


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