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This is a group for your Spiritual development.

It was originally created for those who had completed my “Meet your Spirit guides” course, as a container where I could continue to support their journey.

Over the last couple of years it has become more than that, and is open to anyone who is serious about being on a transformational spiritual journey.

The aim of the group is to help you to grow by developing and connecting with your intuition, your higher self and your guides. It’s a place where you can safely develop your spiritual gifts and start to trust that you have everything within you to create your best life.

It’s an empowering space, where we all support each other and you are encouraged to contribute if you feel drawn.

We meet twice a month on zoom at 8pm. The first call is on the 1st Tuesday of the month and the second call is on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

In the first call of the month, I lead you on a guided meditation and healing to enable you to expand. Where possible I will link you to the power of what ever is going on in the skies or within mother Earth herself such as the moon cycle and Gaia’s ascension journey.

The second call is where you can come along with any questions you have and I will channel the answers and/or draw a card. These can be personal questions or related to your spiritual journey.

There is information posted in a private facebook group regularly to keep you on track and you will be amongst a lovely community who are on the same journey.

My vision is to create a community of people who wish to lead from their hearts and to do the inner work they need to do to flourish and become more in alignment with their soul's pathway.

There are two levels of membership:

Silver Membership: £33 per month for everything detailed here plus 10% off any of my other services.

Gold Membership: £69 per month you can benefit from everything in the silver membership plus 1-2-1 Intuitive coaching and healing sessions with me on a quarterly basis - a saving on my usual 1-2-1 price. These can focus on any area of your life.

I am sure you will love to be part of this amazing group but here is what 2 of my members had to say:


"I joined Olwen’s spiritual development group about a year ago. I was looking for a group to support me on my spiritual journey. Olwen has been a wonderful group facilitator and holds the space well for all of the members. She is very approachable and friendly. She is very kind and has instilled confidence and trust in me . She facilitates beautiful healing meditations and is very inspiring and encouraging. The group has been a great source of support. Olwen is a beautiful soul who shares her gifts so effortlessly it has been an honour to work with her xx"


"This group is a place for me to connect to like minded people. Who are all very different but share a mutual connection.

Its a beautiful space a real sense of family and I can share my concerns and ask any questions along the way about ‘anything’. It’s a really safe nurturing space.

Olwen guides us through Beautiful meditations which allow us the space to grow and upgrade. And my favourite week is the week we get to ask questions, get guidance and clarity from Olwen’s guides.

Olwen is a wonderful guide and holds a huge space for everyone to grow, she is always there for support through the weeks.

I love this group they are like family"



Email me at if you are interested in joining

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