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Spiritual Coaching With My Guides

Ever wish you could connect to Spirit Guides and know what it is you are meant to be doing with your life? Ever wish you could hear them directly? Ever considered Spiritual Coaching?

I am a Channel and I have several Spirit Guides, some of whom are Ascended Masters, and they talk through me to give you the guidance that you need.

What do I mean? How could they help you?

Basically, it’s like Divine Wisdom taking the time to talk through me to you. How exciting is that?! It’s like having lifetimes of wisdom at your disposal.

OK, so what is channelling? Channelling is the ability to connect and tune into my Guides and then allow their words and guidance to come through me. I am able to merge my energy with that of my Guides' energies so they can speak through me directly to someone else.

Spiritual Coaching

The guidance they give is very direct and gets to the core of the issues which you may be facing. They basically get straight to the point which is why they have chosen me as their Channel, because I don’t believe in beating around the bush either!

Some of you will know that I have always been psychic, a sensitive and an empath. I have worked doing Readings, Coaching and Energy healing for about 15 years now. I then became interested in knowing who my Guides were, as I knew someone or something was helping me with my own abilities. So I signed up for a “channel your guides" course and what came next was incredible. I realised that I already knew my Guides - indeed I have had lifetimes alongside them. I got to deepen my connection with them and then began to channel them either in writing or verbally. They became my gurus - the ones I could go to if I needed help with my own life. Then I asked them to help me within my work. It became more and more apparent that they wanted me to go and do more channelling for other people. They have a very persuasive way about them! I believe it is my mission to share their wisdom and enable others to have the benefit of their knowledge. They seem to know about most things!

So together they are known as the Meta-Collective and are currently made up of about 10 different Guides.

Their main message is that life on Earth is meant to be full of joy, and it can be. By living from the heart, you have to be honest with yourself and this leads you to being your most authentic self, and you will then find your true life purpose. Once we are living our lives truthfully we can achieve anything.

The Meta-Collective tell me they are here to help us to live a more fulfilling heart-led life and to spread this joyful energy all around us. They are here to help us live our most authentic life and to be happy. Our soul came here with a mission and when we align with that mission, we find our joyful purpose. This was always how it was meant to be, it’s just that human living seems to have taught us differently.

This is for you if you really want to know more about your true self and if you want to learn to connect on a deep level to love and to honour your own path. I wish to show you, with the help of my Guides, that there is a different way of being and for you to bring the spiritual into your everyday life. This is so you can feel love and gratitude, honour yourself, and truly know what will make you happy.

By working with me and my Guides you will have the opportunity to do the following depending on what you need:

  • To heal your heart
  • To align with your soul’s purpose
  • To raise your vibration
  • To meet your own Guides
  • To know how you can use your Guides and intuition in your everyday life
  • To stop worrying over needless things
  • To be HAPPY
  • To accept that life does throw curve balls, but how you react - through your heart - makes all the difference
  • To find Inner Peace - a state which you can come back to despite the noises of the world
  • To accept your flaws and to love them
  • To stop comparing
  • To know that you are unique
  • To stop trying to fit in
  • To judge less - especially yourself
  • To speak your truth
  • To feel less overwhelmed

You will get to a point where you realise where you want to be or what it is you need to change and then you might find that you need help in creating this new way of being. My ongoing support will help you in terms of further coaching sessions with me to enable you to take practical action to get to where you need to be. In these sessions I will use NLP coaching techniques and well as Spiritual Coaching where I use may intuition and my Guides to help - they may even make an appearance during the session. I can also give you healing to support you as you transition. I am a Reiki Master Teacher but I also channel the healing power of my Guides so the healing is very powerful.

Make no mistake, this is transformational work and will mean that you will need to deal with uncomfortable issues as they arise, but it will always make you feel better in the long run. It’s like clearing away debris in the road as you travel on your journey to wholeness.

I have followed this very path and know what you will go through, but it is completely worth it if you wish to create a new you and a new way of living. To live is to be joyful and full of purpose and this is what my package will give you.

Transformative guidance and healing with my spirit guides to uncover your highest potential done in 3 sessions.

Price: £297

Payment plan is available on request.

3 sessions

Single guidance and healing sessions are also available.

Online - £127

Single session

Intuitive coaching - £97

If you would like to find out more about this subject or would like to book a session please get in touch.

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