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Learn To Channel

Learn To Channel

Teaching you how to channel is something that my guides have encouraged me to share and have been very clear about what this is.

Whether you have channelled before and want to hone your skills, or if you are brand new to the concept of connecting with your guides please read on. The last cohort was delighted and empowered by their skills, the group setting is a private and safe space for you to learn how to channel.

Conscious Channelling

I will teach you how to consciously channel different energies, beings, guides and frequencies.

Conscious Channelling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space so that you can achieve an expansive state of consciousness – engaging energy beings, guides and frequencies which will offer you guidance, healing and clarity in a way that will not dilute your energy. This is very important so that you do not get tired, pick up any unwanted negative energy or become ungrounded.

I am sharing this now, because I know many of you are ready to say "Yes!"

You are ready for undiluted connection to source.

Oracle Reading

As channelling helps you move your logical mind out of the way, allowing the wisdom, messages and energy frequencies to come through without your ego questioning the information. Channelling brings such peace, wisdom and love.

If you wish…

  • To feel that you are not alone
  • To feel part of a team – with nothing but unconditional love
  • To learn how to confidently channel instantly without ego

If you have been working with energy and you are now ready to become more of a bridge between higher consciousness and humanity, then you are in the right place!

You realise that as humanity moves more into the 5th dimensional way of being, conscious healing and channelling will become more and more important, as channelling is the truth.

You will learn how to …

  • Clear your energies
  • Prepare for channelling
  • Connect and channel CONSCIOUSLY
  • Connect only with the highest vibrational beings who wish to speak through you
  • Channel verbally, through movement, and/or via automatic writing

So that YOU can receive information, guidance and a high vibe connection.

Use channelling to help you in your business - helping your clients by giving them direct access to the wisdom you are channelling.

Use channelling to help you in your personal life – giving you clarity around issues relating to love, work, relationships. Money and business.

Are you ready?

Here are some testimonials from recent graduates:

" I did the 6 week learn to channel consciously with Olwen and I am blown away how far I have come. I am no longer listening to my monkey mind and ego that told me I wouldn't be able to do it and proved them and others wrong.

It will make sure a difference to my own business and also myself when I need support and guidance.

If your on the fence about doing this course I would recommend you follow your heart and go for it. I'm so glad I did. Thank you Olwen and your guides from the bottom of my heart for helping me remember the gifts I already had and not known." Bernie Curd

"What an enjoyable course!
Olwen is an amazing channel and to have her show us how to channel ourselves is a very special experience.

She makes you feel very comfortable and feel ‘able’ regardless of your level of experience.

The Facebook group is a great part of the course too - very supportive and you can ask Olwen and other experienced members questions and share your experiences.

If you are interested in learning how you can use this wonderful skill in your own life, I can’t recommend Olwen’s course more."

Melanie R


We start on the 22nd February 2024.

Join me for 6 magnificent weeks!

There will be a Facebook group where you can all support each other and ask me any questions

The live weekly teaching calls will be on zoom.

There will also be bonuses

In addition, if you would like to have 121 option with me = this is 1 hour at the beginning and end to help you with your channelling and any questions you may have, this is on offer for just £150 (a saving of £90)

Payment plan available

Message me with any questions you may have

**NB: Many business owners are coming out and saying they are channels. What does this mean? A channel is a person who receives downloads from above. This is not unusual, and people have been channelling since the beginning of time, however, it is important it is done correctly and consciously so not to harm yourself or to receive incorrect information. Channelling a collective group is a different story altogether, but 1 on 1 channelling is possible.


"Olwen I know I've said this to you in person but I absolutely adored this course. Fascinating, soothing and gave me such an outlet for relaxation - and that's even before getting into the spiritual connections I made and was introduced to - where would I be without Old Beardy Bloke?? And I love that the meditations are available for me to do again and again - because every time you do meditation you get something new on a different level. Your patience with daft questions is valuable too..... I would recommend this to anyone and everyone - and I'd do the course again too!! Thank you, Olwen!"

Alex Brown

“I have recently completed Olwen’s Learn How To Channel Course. The Course was on for 6 weeks. I loved every minute of the course. Olwen did amazing meditations to help you to connect with your guides and Higher Beings. My Connection got Stronger each week as now I can connect with my guides through doing Automatic Writing and that is all down to Olwen and this course. Olwen is also there to Support and Help Guide you. I would Highly recommend doing this course. Olwen you are amazing, thank you.”

Laura Delves

“I highly recommend Olwen’s Learn to Channel course. Olwen is a wonderful teacher, who goes out of her way to make you feel safe and at ease. You can ask her anything and a 1:1 with her is an added bonus.
Although I have had some previous experience channelling, this was different, and I learned how to set boundaries and how to expand my energy to blend with my guide in a safe and simple way. There are lots of bonus videos and pdfs to help and guide you on your channelling journey. There is also a very supportive group of fellow students on this journey with you. I found the 1:1 I had with Olwen very helpful, and it cleared and blocks I had moving forwards. Sign up today and you won’t regret it.”

Karen Marshall

"Thank you, Olwen, for facilitating a brilliant course. You are like a wise owl and so inspiring to listen to. Highly recommend your teachings.  Even though we were all different levels on our spiritual healing journey you adapted the sessions appropriately and gave us all a chance to be heard and feedback without any judgement and always there to support us if necessary. I am now feeling more comfortable connecting with my guides and enjoying asking them for guidance in my everyday life. Many thanks"


“Olwen’s Learn How to Channel course has been brilliant. Not only have I learnt how to channel successfully but I’ve gained so much confidence. Olwen is very generous with her time, support and with the extra sessions and additional bonuses provided throughout the program. It’s really been a pleasure, highly recommended. Thank you.”


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