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the jesus tarot deck

Jesus Tarot Reading and Healing

Are you committing to the transformation you wish to see in the world?
Transformation has to start within you.  You need to step past the fear and be your
true self- whatever that means for you.

Transformation is about being open to the fact that you are part of a much bigger
cosmic picture and you can achieve anything once you truly align to who you are.
This includes me.  As my gifts and intuition have developed I have got to know my
Spirit team and my work evolved to include verbally channelling their words of
wisdom to help others.

The jesus tarot deck

One of my guides is Jesus Christ, he came forward a while ago and asked me to work with him, using his Christ light for healing and to spread his messages of unconditional love. Like many of you, I have had a lifetime alongside him.

His messages are actually really simple. They are full of love, light and hope. They are healing, and beautiful. It’s time for me to really own this beautiful connection with him and I am now openly sharing my connection with him - helping bring his healing to those who need it. Shining love, light and hope into the darkness.

The more I step into it and realise it’s my soul aligned purpose, the more it feels just right, and one of the ways that I am working with him is through these incredibly powerful Tarot readings.

Working with these beautiful cards reveal life lessons, karmic influences and big archetypal themes influencing your life’s and your soul’s journey.

These readings are for you if you are ...

  • Looking for deep and transformative guidance and healing so that you can make 2022 your year of positive progress
  • Ready for an incredibly insightful reading that will enable you to be your true self

In this reading I combining the energy of Jesus, his words, to bring to you love, light and healing as well as deep insight into your life and what steps you need to take going forward.

So that you can ...

  • Appreciate the major influences that are holding you back from living your most aligned life
  • Understand which major influences are favourable, so that you know what aligned action to take going forward

Price £90

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“I have had a few readings with Olwen over the years. She has a true gift and I am always amazed at her insight! I can highly recommend her services.”

"I have seen Olwen several times for readings and would not go to anyone else. I value her honesty, integrity and accuracy. Olwen ensures that you have understood the information she is passing on and gives clarity where needed. Olwen is a very warm, caring and compassionate lady and I have recommended her to friends and clients.”


A reading or session may contain advice or guidance on personal or private matters. No guarantee can be given as to the accuracy or suitability of a reading. The psychic is not responsible for any decisions or choices that are made as a result of the session. For entertainment purposes only.

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