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Channelled message 18.08.18

‘We see you struggling with being able to love yourself. Always questioning whether or not you’re good enough, whether or not you are worthy of being loved. Of course you are, to us, you’re perfect and we love you. You must however love yourself. If you cannot love yourselves for all that you are, then you cannot expect others to love you in the way that you wish. You attract what you give out. If you project love from within, then you will attract the same energy stream back at you. When we say it like this it seems simple doesn’t it? And that is what we mean.

You know, that love is all around you. You only have to look at the nature and what it provides to know that you loved unconditionally by the universe. Remember you are living a human existence but you are made of light and love and if you allow that to shine through and out of you, then and love and happiness will be bountiful.”

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