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What is Intuitive Business coaching and why what I offer is different?

intuitive coaching

“The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you, the Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting” —Abraham Hicks.

We are all made up of energetic frequency and everything we desire is on the other side of fear.
However, in the busy world that we find ourselves in there is little space to connect to our higher selves, as from a young age are encouraged to use the logical side of our brain (left hand side). We can reach a higher consciousness which knows far more than our tiny minds could ever imagine. We have turned our backs on this for far too long. Now is the time to access this potent cosmic energy and wake up.

These recent times have created a shift, a wave, a new consciousness. The old ways are not working. The old ways are dying. It is time to listen to your inner guides, it is time to wake up and it is time to access the information that is within you. It is time to BE not DO.

As a channel, coach and healer – it is my job to help you access this inner consciousness that is so ready to be birthed so you can …

  • Step into the next level of your business (and maintain it)
  • Move out of your own way and grow your business in line with your potential
  • Access your purpose in an aligned way
  • Reach your soul led clients and tribe that you are here to serve unapologetically

My Intuitive Business 121 Coaching Package

This bespoke package helps you receive guidance and clarity from my guides in relation to your business and find out what you need to do to access the next level.

I also show you which of your guides can help you on a daily basis.  Showing you how to connect in with your guides so you always have this amazing tool at your disposal. Your intuition develops and you start to trust what your next moves and steps are.

You do not have to struggle. I can help you progress your ideas and tune into your positive next steps in your business.

Look at what a recent Soul business owner client has said;

“I worked with Olwen to connect more closely with my intuition and my guides – and ask for their support in growing my business.

The results have been brilliant.

I’ve connected more deeply with two guides who help me with business strategy and freedom.

And created space that protects my energy and attracts higher level clients.

Olwen and her guides also helped me work on my pricing for a big new proposal.

I’m delighted and highly recommend Olwen for your intuitive and spiritual work” —LS.

Another client wanted to create a new service, where she could combine her skills and intuitive gifts. She was shown, by my guides what her subconscious limiting beliefs were and we were able to heal them so she could step more into her soul’s calling. Some more resistance came up as she felt she wasn’t good enough to offer this kind of service to her clients, so my guides helped her with that as well. This came from conditioning in this lifetime and from ancestral patterns. We were able to heal all of this in a safe way so that she could become the embodiment of her work. So, you see, it’s less business strategy and more conscious cosmic alignment.

Once you are in alignment then you can achieve anything. 

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