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What are your hopes and dreams for 2022?

What are your hopes and dreams for 2022

Welcome to 2022. I feel that this is going to be an easier year than the previous two. There will still be some difficulties but on the whole, it promises to be more about relationship harmony, both with yourself and others. It’s calling for fewer extreme thoughts and views and more balance. I think we could all do with some of that! It’s also more about community and working with others to create better ways of supporting each other. What are you hopes and dreams?

We started off energetically with a new moon on the 2nd/3rd of January which was an opportunity to really tune into our hearts and plan for what we want more of in 2022.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th of January, which can often mean that technology starts playing up or our plans don’t quite go as we would like. However, it’s an opportunity to go within and reflect. You can make even more plans or add more detail to the plans you started to make at the beginning of January. It may be a slower pace, but that’s ok. Use the time to look after yourself and tune into your heart. Being aware if this will help you understand the need to just do things slightly differently.

Then we have a Full Moon in Cancer on the 17th of January. View it as the moon which will turn a page on the past. It’s a wonderful time to release what didn’t work for you in 2021. As it’s in cancer, it is a very healing Moon, so use it to forgive those who may have upset you in 2021. Let go of any grudges as this will cut ties with anything karmic. Maybe note down what you are releasing and burn it (safely of course) and then write a list about what you are grateful for – imagining that your dreams have come true already. It’s a powerful way to clear the decks.

It maybe that you would like some help gaining some clarity and insight as to what it is you need to release, to help 2022 get off to a great start, or around what it is you do wish to create going forward. Sometimes we can get stuck inside our minds and not be able to see the wood for the trees. This is where I can help you with a couple of options.

You could have an Oracle or Tarot card reading. Tarot and Oracle card readings can offer confirmation, inspiration and hope, providing guidance connected to your biggest hope and dreams. These sessions are designed to help bring clarity, perspective and help to your life. Quite often clients want clarity around relationships and work, and often extra information comes forward too.

The other alternative is to have an Intuitive Coaching session. This is more in depth to a card reading and its where you can ask my guides questions. I use my intuition and my connection with my spirit guides, to sense what is holding you back to help you to get to the root of the problem enabling more hope in your life. There will also be some healing involved to enable you to really move forward. When I channel my guides, you will be receive the bigger picture as well as practical guidance.

One of my clients came to see me because she had begun to feel a little unsettled with her life and felt somewhat unfulfilled. The process started with a tarot card reading, which led on to some Intuitive Coaching sessions. I helped my client identify and unravel some of the underlying problems that were making her feel this way.

“I found that working with Olwen brought me greater clarity not only within myself but also with issues that I was dealing with from both the past and present. My time with Olwen has given me the courage and motivation to make positive changes in my life, regain some of my power and made me feel more positive about moving forward and creating a reality that serves me better.”

As ever I am here to guide you and I am always happy to chat to about which option is best, so give me a call on 07515 654551.

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