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The importance of self-love

Yes, I know you are probably thinking about love this month as Valentine’s day will soon be upon us and we even have a new Moon on the 11th of February which is encouraging us to look at our love life and relationships as well as abundance.

So, I have a question for you. Do you love yourself for who you are, warts and all?

How often do you treat yourself from a place of love?

It’s taken me a while because I have had a very skewed relationship with myself, but I have realised that if I do not love myself, how can I expect anyone else to?

Think about it – you are amazing and deserve to be loved.

So why do you find it hard to love yourself?

Is it because you feel that you aren’t good enough in some way?

Or do you enjoy giving yourself a hard time?

For me, I gave myself a hard time. I was never good enough, someone else was always “better’ than me. Either better professionally, or better looking, better body, smarter, funnier, wiser. The list goes on.

I was also carrying around a lot of beliefs from my childhood and from what other people had said about me. You see, I never really fitted in, so assumed that was because I wasn’t good enough.

I believed that if I pleased everyone else instead, loved and cared for them, then I would be loved back and treated with respect.

Now, it is not that I wasn’t loved back but I was loved back conditionally – based on me giving so much. I was not loved for just who I am.

No wonder though as I didn’t love myself for who I am either.

Is this resonating?

You see, the Universe does this thing where it matches your energy. If you don’t love yourself, and don’t believe that you deserve the best, you won’t receive that from others.

Energy never lies.

To love yourself as you are, can be the hardest thing. It means you have to accept and love ALL of you – even the darker bits and in my case the “rounder” bits.

However, once you do accept yourself and love yourself as you are, it is so liberating.

You can finally be you. The wonderful, unique you that you are meant to be.

To do this, we have to look at ourselves and our beliefs, which, by the way, can be changed.

We need to heal any energetic blocks that we might be carrying around with us.

We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves “I love you”.

When you think about it, you are incredible. Just what your body does to keep you alive is quite something isn’t it?

Start talking to yourself positively. You end up believing what you tell yourself so be kind.

How would you talk to someone you love? Do the same for yourself.

Practice self-care.

Buy yourself some flowers.

Whatever it is that lifts your spirits- do that.

Treat yourself as you would like others to treat you.

This then reverses the “I am not worthy” belief as you are showing yourself that you are valued, that you are worth it.

Speak your truth. Not everyone will agree with you, but hey- that is fine.

Give yourself a hug, smile.

By making these changes and by loving yourself more, your outer reality will change for the better.

Abundance of all sorts will follow as you allow yourself to receive love.

You will attract the right people and circumstances into your life.

These can be your New Moon intentions and on Valentine’s day know that you are loved.

Just to help you along, here is a channelled meditation about connecting to self-love which I am sure you will like.

If you wish to explore this more, please do get in touch.

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