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The Art of Channeling

Communication in daily life and connecting with your guides.

I believe that channelling begins with communication. When you think about it, we are often inspired to share some advice with friends and family during normal daily life. We are tuning in to what our friends and family need, we follow our hearts, and we share what we believe to be helpful.

Spirits and beings of light, such as your spirit guides are obviously in other dimensional realms and are not in a physical body. However, they are with you energetically. Their frequencies are ruled by the space where they currently reside. When we channel and tune into this energy, we are communicating with their essence.

Just for a minute, imagine that you are in front of a group of friends, except that you have your eyes closed. One of them approaches you and stands a little away from you. They are just the edge of your auric field, and you can now easily tune into them. This is because you are feeling into their energy or essence, and you can sense their vibration and pick up on who it might be.

The world of spirit works in similar ways. As you meet your spirit guides, you may find that you will be introduced to them to via their frequency. Often you may respond, emotionally, or physically. You may feel a certain way or notice new physical sensations in your body. You are likely to feel comfort and a sense of belonging or feelings of safety and peace.

As you meet your guides and learn to connect with them, you will notice how you feel around them and let them become familiar to you. This enables you to understand your relationship with your guides so that you can start to tune into what they are trying to tell you and be able to channel their wisdom.

The transformative power of channelling.

Being able to channel, my guides has been a huge part of my awakening experience and has brought me a great amount of peace in mind, body, and spirit.

It’s been amazing to have these guides with me, communicating through me, not only for my benefit and for aspects of my life, but so that I can help others as well such as my clients. It’s like having your own cheerleaders and coaching team all in one. It’s direct access to the bigger universal picture.

I believe that to be able to channel consciously, you need to expand your intuition and your ability to send your energy out into the cosmos. You will be able to experience the feeling of some of these frequencies and this will strengthen your empathic awareness.

You may start by experiencing emotional frequencies – notice how you feel, what are you sensing? Are there any shifts in your mental, physical, and spiritual state?

The main thing, though, is that, as you prepare to connect through any form of channelling, it’s important to let your mind body and spirit, relax, observe, and receive.

Conscious connection and meditation.

You may be aware already that you naturally open you’re naturally open to connection with your guides while you’re asleep or daydreaming and meditating. This is because when you are daydreaming and meditating, your brainwaves have slowed down to the theta range we also pass through theta while we are falling asleep and waking up.

In these moments our ego, softens and steps back and our analytical mind, rests and we open receptive to our natural connections with the spirit realms.

However, active, and present communication – or conscious connection occurs when we are sitting or standing, alert to the time, place, and people with us.

You may wish to start by preparing for connection via meditation, but do not meditate yourself to sleep!

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