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Reiki courses and children

You haven’t heard from me for a while. I’ve been busy coming up with new ways of how I can help you, and furthering my knowledge base. Learning is good!

At the end of June, I completed my Reiki Masters Teacher course with the wonderful Amanda McDermott of Wishsticks. The reason I wanted to train to be a teacher is so that I can share my love of Reiki by being able to teach you to give healing sessions yourself.

There are various degrees of Reiki and, as a potential student, you can learn the first level or all of them.
So why learn? Well, it’s such a wonderful treatment to be able to offer. You might want to learn level one so that you can treat yourself, friends and family. It’s great if you are a parent or carer as you can use Reiki on your children to gently bring them back into balance. It can be used for specific ailments or issues or generally just as a calming technique.

It’s effective, relaxing and comforting

I have two boys and they love Reiki, especially at bedtime. It helps to ease their worries and concerns and helps them to get a lovely night’s sleep. As a parent, it gives me quality time with them and it often leads to unexpected but wonderful conversations. It’s a beautiful bonding process. Plus it genuinely helps them.

They also like it if they have hurt themselves or aren’t feeling too well.

If you learn the first level of Reiki you can even use it on yourself – again it’s great to do before you go to sleep. And all your family members will benefit, including your pets.

If you decide to carry on with the other levels of Reiki, you can then become a practitioner which entitles you to treat the public – it’s up to you.

Reiki is great for children

I was at a wellbeing conference recently. There were various experts there talking about the stresses that our children face as they are growing up in this very uncertain world. They face a deluge of information every day, are becoming stressed, and can end up with mental and emotional issues as a result. Reiki is a way of keeping them – and you – in balance to help cope with the demands of everyday life.

I can treat you as an adult and I can treat your children. Sessions for children would be shorter and done in a way that is comfortable for your child. They don’t have to stay still if they don’t want to!

Or, you can learn Reiki 1 for yourself so you can treat your child yourself. After all, you know them best and what would work for them. Imagine that… a little bit of calm and relaxation for you and your children.

If you’d like to book an appointment for a Reiki treatment to see what it’s like, or book a Reiki 1 course, click here to contact me.

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