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Reiki can really be a life changer!

It’s a wonderful healing system that has an intelligence within it which means that the healing will go to wherever you need it! You might not even know where the healing is needed on a conscious level but Reiki will. Sometimes we think that a physical symptom that we may be experiencing is just that but more often it’s rooted in something else.

As a practitioner, I can sense any energy blocks you may have in your system. They might be blocks emotionally, physically or spiritually. I will spend extra time in those areas to try and bring balance to those areas.

You see, we are essentially made from energy. This makes it easy for Reiki to bring healing to you.

It can and does help with a whole range of issues from insomnia, headaches, illness and general wellbeing. Even clients who are suffering with terminal illnesses benefit from it as it brings them peace and deals with helping their symptoms.

It can also bring in loved ones who have passed away to say hello. They are energy beings too but in a much lighter form. You may experience a sense of their presence.

It is gentle and all you have to do is lie or sit there while you receive the healing. It can help with stress, bring peace, make you feel calm and more in tune with yourself and what you need.

You can use it either as a therapy that you have now and again just to balance you, or if you have an ongoing issue that needs to be resolved you can receive a treatment more often.

There are times in everyone’s life where we simply feel overwhelmed and Reiki can help with that too.

I had a client once who couldn’t get out of bed because of a back problem. She was taking all sorts of tablets. I went to see her, and the day after she had the Reiki treatment she could move. The back pain wasn’t just from a pulled muscle, it was from a deep trauma she had suffered emotionally and that needed clearing before she could literally move on.

Similarly, a client who couldn’t sleep, needed some emotional problems clearing before she could find peace at night and Reiki helped her with that.

Then there was a client who was dying. I knew I couldn’t cure her but the treatments brought her more into balance. She could cope with the harsh treatment and perhaps more importantly made peace with her situation.

To find out more about Reiki and its benefits, please visit the Reiki section of my website.

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