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Rediscovering Identity, Joy, and Inner Peace to reveal the superwoman you really are

Are you feeling like you are lost, as if something is missing in your life?

I meet many women in my work, who are frustrated and wondering where their life has gone, where the joy has gone and quite simply are wondering “what happened to my life?”

I find that this can happen when the children have grown up and possibly moved away and when there has been a breakdown in the marriage or partnership. These ladies have worked hard to be a success in their work life and have also, often, done everything they can to look after the children, the husband and possibly their elderly parents.

Despite all that effort and love, sometimes it simply isn’t enough, and they can find themselves alone and wondering “what the hell happened?”

How does this manifest?

This beautiful woman is the one who has tried to keep everything running as well as it possibly can do, often at the expense of her own needs.

The “capable” woman, the “strong” woman, the “successful” woman and yet she is screaming inside.

This is usually because she has put herself last and has often gone along with other people’s wants and wishes either in the household, greater family and/or in her work so that she can have a peaceful life, so that she can make sure that everyone is happy.

This can work of course for a long time. We can be happy for others but what happens when the wheels fall off?

Either, this beautiful woman becomes stressed and ill, or she simply realises she cannot do it all at the expense of herself.

What’s more- quite often these acts of care and love are not reciprocated and then she is taken for granted.


Why has this happened?

There are many reasons why this beautiful woman feels the need to please from her own childhood experiences through to societal conditioning and if we want to go deeper – even ancestral patterns and past lives.

The point is though, there comes a time when that beautiful woman recognises that she is a little bit “broken”.

She is exhausted and underappreciated.

She has not made any real time for her own needs or herself ever – or very rarely.

Her boundaries are weak.

The only person who isn’t content, who isn’t happy is her.

The thing is though, this beautiful woman, isn’t really “broken”- she is lost. She has lost her identity which is more than a Mum, a wife, or a daughter.


Re-discovering your – self

What then follows is a journey of rediscovering her self worth, her values and her inner peace.

This can be done by really connecting with her intuition and her soul.

Rather than getting frustrated at why she is in that state, it’s better to journey with her inner most self and discover how she can turn being that superwoman into a superpower for herself.

By asking the very basic question- “what do I want or need?”

By realising that she is worth it.

By realising that her heart knows best.

If this resonates with you, please do get in touch to see how I can help.

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