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Welcome to the Olwen Jennings blog where I share advice, insight and easy-to-understand explanations of spiritual topics including Reiki, Female Empowerment and Psychic Development. I hope you enjoy reading them. Please share them with your friends, family and network of contacts on social media. If you would like me to write about any particular topics, please send your suggestions via my Contact Page.

Are you going through a Spiritual awakening?

In this blog, I aim to help you to understand what it is and what some of the signs may …

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6 Signs that you need to make time to reconnect with yourself

In a world which is very busy, and most of you have busy lives, it’s easy to become disconnected from …

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Earth Star Chakra

In my next few blogs, I have decided to talk about our different chakras and why they are important for …

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Your powerful Inner being has all you need for the life you desire, and you have a mission

The problem is that you have detached yourself from your powerful inner being – your soul, your intuition, and your …

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The importance of self-love

Yes, I know you are probably thinking about love this month as Valentine’s day will soon be upon us and …

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How to attract real love into your life

As you can imagine, I see a lot of clients who are struggling with relationships.

Either, the one they are in, …

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How to create and step into your vision

If you are anything like me, you probably get a lot of great ideas for what you want to do …

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How to be spiritually sensitive and look after yourself

Now you will know that we are spiritual beings, living a human existence. This is true. We decided when we …

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Do you often feel frustrated?

I am guessing that there have been lots of times in your life when you feel frustrated.

This is often because …

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How to live from your heart

Stop overthinking ! It can be a curse. I want you to step into your heart and start living and …

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