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I have stepped into my transformation have YOU?

I have stepped into my transformation have you?

Well, here we are in December, the last month of this calendar year. Time really does fly – even when it’s been a difficult year for many.

In my last blog I asked you if you were committing to the transformation you wished to see in the world and of course explained how that transformation has to start within you. How you need to step past the fear and be your true self- whatever that means for you, please see read more here – Are you committing to the transformation you wish to see in your world? – Olwen Jennings

The last 21 months have been strange to say the least. Who would have thought that in March 2020, we would still be talking about the Covid Virus in December 2021? and all the implications that go with it, I know for many of you it has been the most difficult of times.

In my work, I have seen how many of you have actually stopped to pause and ask about the bigger purpose of life and have been questioning your own lives. I feel a lot of you have decided to take responsibility for your own happiness and the includes really looking at what you want from this beautiful thing called life. So, when I talk about transformation in this way, it is about being open to the fact that you are part of a much bigger cosmic picture and you can achieve anything once you truly align to who you are.

As you know, I work in the world of “woo”. I made the transition fully in 2015 but have been in this world for much longer than that, but not always fully.

As my gifts and intuition have developed, I got to know my spirit team and it soon became clear that my work evolved to include verbally channelling their words of wisdom to help others. Crikey, that was scary!! I was afraid that many people in my life would really feel like I had lost the plot. Some did of course, but others did not and now my tribe is growing.

One of my guides is Jesus Christ. Quite a long time ago, he came forward and asked me to work with him, using his Christ light for healing and to spread his messages of unconditional love.I freaked out ! I remember talking to some of my healer friends and saying “How can I say I am channelling Jesus?” amongst other things.

What came up for me was fear of judgment but also the belief of “Who am I to channel Jesus?” I had to work with this and talk to him about what all this meant. He reassured me that he didn’t care what i called him but that I was needed to bring this extraordinary energy to the world in an ordinary way. It didn’t need to be scary. Easy for him to say!

However, I realised that I had always known him. Like many of you, I have had a lifetime alongside him. His messages are actually really simple.

They are full of love, light and hope. They are healing, and beautiful.

So, I have finally put my big girl pants on and have been openly working with him recently. I have held evening of healing and messages, often alongside the energy of Mary Magdalene. This month there is another healing event with my fellow channel, Helen Quarmby, when she will be channelling Mother Mary.

It’s time for me to really own this beautiful connection with him and help bring his healing to those who need it.

To bring love, light and hope into the darkness.

So, I have stepped into the transformation I talked about last month. Yes, it’s still “scary”, but the more I step into it and realise it’s my soul aligned purpose, the more it feels just right.

Anyway, my mate Jesus, wants to leave a message with you all so here goes:-

“You are no less than any other. You are made whole, by your divine essence and your humanity. Never forget in your striving for more understanding of the spiritual, that your job here is also to be human.
To live a human life as best you can. The love I have for you all is unconditional. I ask that when you’re struggling, that you remember that, and you pull upon it, bring it into your awareness, bring it into your heart, so that you may realise how wonderful you are. You are perfect. Stop telling yourselves differently.
Then when your heart is full, pass the light and love on to those who need it, asking me to help you. I will always be there.”
I am creating a new package called “Enlightenment and healing with the Jesus Tarot deck”. The more I step into it and realise it’s my soul aligned purpose, the more it feels just right, and one of the ways that I am working with him is through these incredibly powerful Tarot readings.
In this reading I combine the energy of Jesus, his words, to bring to you love, light and healing as well as deep insight into your life and what steps you need to take going forward.

If this is something that calls to you, please message me at

As we head into Christmas take his and my love with you and peace in your heart.
Wishing you the happiest of times.

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