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How to attract real love into your life

As you can imagine, I see a lot of clients who are struggling with relationships.

Either, the one they are in, isn’t giving them what they need or they simply cannot find a relationship which will last and/or be loving.

They want to know what they can do to change this.

They come to me and my guides for advice.

More often than not, my client has had a series of disappointments or failed relationships and has then built up the belief that all future relationships will probably fail too.

As well as this, they have been hurt and start to believe that they are not worthy of being loved- because if they were, they would be happy by now.

I am over simplifying things here, but I think you can see the picture or pattern emerging.

One of my clients recently couldn’t understand why she wasn’t attracting love into her life. She was aware that she had protected herself emotionally, as a result of a failed relationship but thought she had worked through all the emotions that went with that and had tried to act differently, and be different so that she would get a different result.

However, what became apparent was that although she looked like she had recovered, she hadn’t. Deep down she still believed that she would get hurt again and subconsciously was attracting men who would let her down- to prove her belief was right.

Her belief, however wasn’t that all men would let her down, but that she didn’t deserve to be loved because she didn’t love herself. So we worked on that and now she feels complete. She is now more likely to attract someone who loves her because, quite simply, she loves herself now.

My guides and I explain this more in this video click here.

I hope it helps. Remember you are loved and deserve to be loved by you in the first instance!

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