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How my type of coaching can help you

The way I help people through coaching can seem a little bit “different”.

What do you imagine when you think about a Life Coach? Someone who is questioning why you haven’t got there yet? Maybe someone who sets goals for you that seem unachievable? Or maybe someone who comes across as knowing more than you do about your life. Not all Life Coaches are like that, and a lot depends on what you need. Maybe you just want someone who will give you a kick up the ass! That’s not my style.

My type of coaching

When you first see me, you will see someone who isn’t perfect, but I do know a lot about how people work and I also know how to help you conquer most of the challenges that you may face in your life.

Your first session with me will be a bit longer than the rest, but it is important as helps me find out more about you and what it is you want to achieve or improve in your life – whether you want to make changes that are small or huge. I will really listen to what you are saying and offer you a completely safe, non-judgemental environment in which you can be truly honest with yourself.

The first session will also include some advice and suggestions for how you can start to identify the steps you need to take towards where you want to be. You may even get homework – but not a lot! You will start to feel like you’re making progress from day one – it’s all about taking small manageable steps.

Tuning in to your unique qualities

As I listen to you, I’ll also be using my intuition to discover what it is your soul or subconscious really wants for you. I use various tools to see what might help you, including timeline therapy, meditation and connecting with your own energy fields.

It may seem like I am “winging it” sometimes. That’s because you are unique and this is your journey – what works for you won’t always work for another. It’s a coaching process, competently tailored to you as an individual. I go carefully and make sure you are always ready for the next step. We will agree everything together and the control of the pace and the next steps is all with you.

Overcoming the negative

Often, I come across clients who simply do not think they are worthy of happiness and success. Life has taught them that they aren’t “good enough”. When this turns up, I often ask the client to travel back to the first time they felt like that. I ask them to reassure their younger selves. They connect with that younger version of themselves and also the experiences that they had which made them feel less worthy. This is done in a relaxed, meditative state. Here is where the healing starts. They are encouraged to let go of the pain, thank it for trying to protect them, and then to replace it with love for themselves.

It’s amazing how much calmer and lighter they can feel after such an exercise.

If communication is an issue — where someone is afraid to speak up, I will help them find a safe way of expressing their true feelings. It might start with writing them down and telling me about them – complete honesty is needed here. By doing these exercises, negative emotions and feelings can be released.

Once we have overcome these negative feelings, we will then begin on building a new set of beliefs, and that is where the fun begins and anything can happen!


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