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Channelling brings joy

We are all made up of energetic frequency. Whilst we are here on Earth, we have a physical body but running through us is an energetic frequency which is linked to all things. We are so much more than our body. We are limitless. We are expansive. We are consciousness from Source, and we have a soul. Frequency is an aspect of our energy.

As we are connected to all things, it is entirely possible to connect to our Spirit guides, or other Star beings, Archangels and other dimensional realms and it is possible to channel the energetic frequency of those entities.

When we channel non-physical beings, we are using our frequency to tune into theirs. They may not have a physical body, but they are present energetically. Their frequencies are governed by the space where they currently reside and the vibration of their spiritual and soul essence.

When we remove our fears and ego, we can become a channel for these frequencies- bringing wisdom into our lives and the lives of others.

How does channelling help with energy frequencies?

Channelling helps you move your logical mind out of the way, allowing the wisdom, messages and energy frequencies to come through without your ego questioning the information. Channelling brings such peace, wisdom and love.
It helps you:

  • To feel that you are not alone
  • To feel part of a team – with nothing but unconditional love
  • To become more confident
  • To feel more joy
  • To feel expanded and limitless

Plus, much more….

People can channel in different ways, but I believe that Conscious Channelling is the way forward as it involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space so that you can achieve an expansive state of consciousness – engaging energy beings, guides and frequencies which will offer you guidance, healing and clarity in a way that will not dilute your energy. This is particularly important so that you do not get tired, pick up any unwanted negative energy or become ungrounded.

It is an experience that can bring you peace of mind, body and spirit. Connecting in such ways can lift you and boost your mood and provide you with in-depth and concise messages.

You then have the opportunity to know who you truly are, strengthen your frequency and meet other beings. Connecting with such amazing energies you are also strengthen your own for empathic awareness and your intuition.

How can I help you to consciously channel?

I have been verbally channelling my guides now for at least four years. Recently they guided me to teach others and as I stepped up to do this. It was such a joy to guide others to become conscious channels.

I feel that the more aware humanity can be aware of this tool and practise it, there will be a great ripple effect out into the world of love, joy and healing.

I am running this course again in January 2023 and would love to see you there.


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