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Connecting with your Spirit guides- the ultimate holiday companion

Your guides (everyone has more than one) were given to you before you were born. They are responsible for helping …

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Rediscovering Identity, Joy, and Inner Peace to reveal the superwoman you really are

Are you feeling like you are lost, as if something is missing in your life?

I meet many women in my …

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Become the Light Leader you were born to be

My journey to becoming a Light Leader

The journey towards being a light leader and a healer is not easy, but …

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Why meeting your Spirit Guides will be the best coach you will ever need.

We all can connect and meet our Spirit Guides and yes, they could be the best coach you will ever …

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Channelling brings joy

We are all made up of energetic frequency. Whilst we are here on Earth, we have a physical body but …

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Grief really is the price we pay for love

When I was thinking about writing this blog originally, I was going to write about something else but now it …

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School is almost out for the Summer!

Somehow, it is July already and our thoughts tend to lend themselves to holidays and, if we have younger children, …

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Using the energies of the Moon and the Sun

In this blog I am going to be sharing with you how I use the New Moon and Full Moons as amplifiers of what I am trying to achieve or let go of and how we can use special times of the year such as the solstices to co-create your next steps.

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Intuition and Spirit guides: the differences and the benefits

I am writing this blog about intuition and spirit guides. There is a difference between the two.

They are both very …

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Are you living truthfully?

Are you living the way that you wish to live? Are you happy, fulfilled and full of love? If you …

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