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Are you going through a Spiritual awakening?

In this blog, I aim to help you to understand what it is and what some of the signs may …

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Your powerful Inner being has all you need for the life you desire, and you have a mission

The problem is that you have detached yourself from your powerful inner being – your soul, your intuition, and your …

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The importance of self-love

Yes, I know you are probably thinking about love this month as Valentine‚Äôs day will soon be upon us and …

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How to attract real love into your life

As you can imagine, I see a lot of clients who are struggling with relationships.

Either, the one they are in, …

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How to create and step into your vision

If you are anything like me, you probably get a lot of great ideas for what you want to do …

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How to be spiritually sensitive and look after yourself

Now you will know that we are spiritual beings, living a human existence. This is true. We decided when we …

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Do you often feel frustrated?

I am guessing that there have been lots of times in your life when you feel frustrated.

This is often because …

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How to live from your heart

Stop overthinking ! It can be a curse. I want you to step into your heart and start living and …

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Intuition and Spirit guides: the differences and the benefits

I am writing this blog about intuition and spirit guides. There is a difference between the two.

They are both very …

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Are you living truthfully?

Are you living the way that you wish to live? Are you happy, fulfilled and full of love? If you …

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