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Become the Light Leader you were born to be

My journey to becoming a Light Leader

The journey towards being a light leader and a healer is not easy, but it is worth it.

When I started off on my journey of spiritual expansion, and working within this field, it was about 2005. Firstly, I learned Reiki and then eventually learned how to read Tarot and Oracle cards. I also trained to become a Life Coach and learned crystal healing as well, amongst other things.

At that point in my life, I was also a part-time family lawyer.

I knew there was a bigger path to follow, and that I was here to make a difference in the world by helping people to see their connection to all things, especially the unseen realms. I was fascinated by how energy healing worked, and how accurate a card reading could be.

At that point in time, it was still a little “strange”, for someone like me, who was a qualified lawyer, to be interested in this sort of work. I even doubted myself at times, but my deepest, knowing, within my soul, was that I could help people even more than I was las a lawyer by really tapping into to higher consciousness.

I had trained as a life coach because that was a little more “normal” than an intuitive coach or guide, and, although I enjoyed doing that, again, it wasn’t really a path I was meant to be on.

As I developed my spiritual side, I became even more convinced that this was the path I needed to be on. However, it wasn’t always easy. I took many courses and read many books, whether they be self-development or other intuitive or psychic healing courses and continued to offer Reiki, crystal healing and readings for a long time.

Powerful work

It was only when I discovered a mentor in about 2017, realised how powerful my work could be. Until then, I hadn’t really met many like-minded people, apart from one or two, and it was good to know that there were other people out there that were on a similar mission to me. It was also good to have a mentor who could help me develop my business and to bring out more of my gifts.

By this time, I had already stopped working as a lawyer, to concentrate on his work.

The journey to becoming who I am now, which is someone whose mission is to align other light leaders and healers with this purpose has been full of stumbling blocks because when you decide that you wish to work in this field it’s imperative that you also heal yourself. You cannot become the healer and the light leader you wish to be without healing your own conditioning, your own energetic blocks.

So, I have had met many sessions with other healers and light leaders, unblocking what has been standing in my way, often issues with being seen and other being issues around receiving love, and receiving money.

Lessons continue, it is not as if light leaders and healers ever completely “heal” from everything, but they become more evolved, as they unlock different levels to their abilities, as they clear conditioning from past lives, ancestral, lives and their current life too.

I know that many light leaders who are here, are struggling to really tap into their purpose and that is because they also need a mentor, they need somebody that they can trust, someone who will help them to move past all the stories they are telling themselves about being not being good enough, fearful of being seen, thinking that they are “making it all up”.

Humanity needs more light leaders and healers to be out there in the world.

To be leading the way, so the new earth can really become a reality. I believe it’s impossible to do it on your own.

When I was teaching my “Learn channel course”, back in September 2022, I was quite clearly shown the power of Diamond light healing, and how that can really help to elevate people’s ability to connect with their intuitive gifts and to cleanse and clear energetic blocks which might exist in their field.

Diamond light healing is simply beautiful, not only does it heal, but it also cleanses and protects the person who receives it.

This is why I have created the Diamond light ascension program for light leaders.

Through a mixture of channelled guidance, Akashic record clearing, and enhancement, Galactic Activations, and Diamond light healing, light leaders and healers will understand why they are where they are now and how to get to where they want to go.
By combining these super powerful modalities, they really will be receiving higher level guidance, clarity and healing and activations.

So, I am calling you as a Light leader to let me help you to become who you are meant to be, to fully align to your soul’s purpose and help to create and develop the New Earth.
If this interests you, look here and let’s chat.

In love and light.

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