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Are you living truthfully?

Are you living the way that you wish to live? Are you happy, fulfilled and full of love? If you are, then that is truly wonderful but if you are not then why is that?

It’s probably because you are not living in accordance with your own true path. Chances are you are living someone else’s life.

Until you understand that you need to live your own life and stand in your own truth, your life probably won’t go the way you want it to or according to your plan. This is because it probably isn’t your plan that you are making but the plan of somebody or something else.

So, what do I mean?

For me, your own truth is a combination of your core beliefs and feelings and is heart led. Do you remember when you were younger and you had all those hopes and dreams of living a life that made you happy. You felt invincible and capable of achieving anything. At that time, you were tuning in to what made YOU happy by listening to your heart and your feelings before deciding whether to do something.

Then what happened? No doubt you started listening to other people and possibly the media about how you should be living your life. It might be that your parents expected you to follow their plan for you or that you simply wanted to go with the flow and follow the flock just to fit in. Maybe you were afraid to say how you felt about something for fear of feeling silly or for fear of rejection.

Then maybe you got married and felt that you had to do things the way your partner wanted you to, just to keep he or she happy.

Then maybe you had children and put all of your energies into them. This is understandable but only if it is part of you living in your truth. If you started to listen to advice about how to raise them from others and followed that instead of your own way then you probably became a bit lost.

So, you started off being all fearless and certain and then you started to doubt yourself, your beliefs and your capabilities.

We all have those arguments in our own head when we question ourselves and how we should behave in many situations. We often take the path of least resistance and agree with others even though our hearts are screaming out that it’s wrong-wrong for you as an individual.

If we don’t live from our heart and how we truly feel then we aren’t living a life that is within our own truth. We are living it for someone or something else.

Then we start to question who we are and what is our purpose.

The truth is that when you wash away all the beliefs that aren’t really yours and start living a life which is in alignment with your truth and purpose, your life becomes magical.

All that there is, is love. Follow your heart and your truth and stop competing with yourself. You are extraordinary and are enough just as you are.

If you need help to uncover your truth then please get in touch.

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