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Are you living the right life?

Are limiting beliefs holding you back?

Is it sometimes difficult for you to see a way forward? Do you sometimes feel that some things are just not right?

When we were born, we had the ability to achieve anything. It is only as we grow and establish limiting beliefs that we start to think that we cannot do things.

As humans, we are all energy fields interconnecting. We connect with all our own individual fields or layers, and we also connect with each other’s fields or layers. Sometimes, we don’t realise that we are connected to someone (or something) else and while it may sound lovely, it can also be overwhelming. Have you ever felt sad even though you can’t understand why? It could be your energy fields picking up on someone else’s sadness.

Then we add this to the fact that we are living as humans and there are certain “rules” to live by. We can’t go round simply living as an energy field, happily bonding with each other when we have so much “human” stuff to do such as eat, sleep, wake, work, have relationships and have a family.

As we go through life, we believe in certain ways of doing things or develop life limiting beliefs such as:-

  • I can’t do that
  • I am not good enough
  • I will put my needs last

These are just beliefs which have been formed as a result of outside influences and experiences – usually what we are told and what we experience. We can change those beliefs and that can change everything.

Whilst we are just being “human” and forming beliefs that don’t help us, we lose touch with our true selves. Our subconscious is one of our energy fields and it is the subconscious that truly knows what we need. We often let our conscious mind dictate everything – ignoring our subconscious or inner voice.

We end up feeling lost.

We ignore our biggest teacher – our inner-tuition or intuition as it is better known.

By allowing yourself to reconnect with your inner voice you will soon see how to make the changes that are needed to live a fulfilling life.

It really is that easy to find out what needs to be changed. Then it’s up to you to be brave enough to put yourself back on track with your life’s purpose.

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