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Are you committing to the transformation you wish to see in your world?

Committing to transformation

Last month I talked about the signs you may be experiencing if you were having a Spiritual Awakening. I feel that many of you have been going through this sort of shift. When you do, you will be questioning everything in your life, because you will be realising that there is so much more to your human existence when you tap into your divine self – that part which is connected to the Divine at all times. That part which is limitless.

No doubt, this has been heightened this month as November is the 11th month. 11 is the master number of intuition, spiritual connection and manifestation. A lot of you are starting to make changes which bring you to a more aligned state of being. One in which you are aligned to your desires, your truth and your life.

We often live our lives to please others, maybe that’s what you have been doing. I feel that many of you are realising now that it’s only when you connect with your intuition and your heart, that you start to reveal who you really are. That person who has dreams and goals, that person who has passion and purpose.

Maybe you know the actual adjustments you need to make to bring about transformation in your outer world. We can all imagine the modifications we need to make and think about them, but we also need to take aligned action to bring those changes into our world in a real and grounded way.

I know this is the scary bit.

Often when we decide to change, and we move towards our goals, the reactions we can get from others can be upsetting and surprising. Some will be pleased for you, but others will find your progress unnerving and they will try to project their fears onto you. This will make you question your desire to change, especially when those fears reflect some of your own. This is when you need to dig deep and commit to the transformation you wish to see in your life.

I have had to do this many times, in particular when I gave up being a Lawyer to become the Intuitive Coach and Channel healer. So much had to change for me. It wasn’t easy. It still isn’t easy, but it is totally worth it. I am so much more aligned to my purpose and inner power now. 

I am so pleased I decided to turn away from the naysayers and find a new tribe.

There will always be fear. Usually, it’s a sign that you need to make those adjustments. Fear can show you what you already know – all progress takes place outside of your comfort zone.

When this fear hits, the most important thing you can do for yourself, is to connect to your heart and intuition again and remember why you wish to alter your life. Cling to the passion you feel about it. So, what, will you commit to changing your outer world?

Take it one step at a time, really connect with your inner world as that holds all the answers and if you need any help with uncovering your true self and your purpose, please get in touch here Contact Olwen Jennings for more information and bookings.

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