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6 Signs that you need to make time to reconnect with yourself

In a world which is very busy, and most of you have busy lives, it’s easy to become disconnected from your needs and desires.

The problem is, you’re living your life for everyone else, and probably living on autopilot. You will be quashing your own feelings and desires because you feel that you are not as important as everyone else. This of course is not the case. You have a very important role to play in the world and you deserve to be happy.

In fact, it is essential that you are happy because then you will attract exactly what you want in your life.

Often, it comes too easily to put yourself on the bottom of the “to do list”. Or you might say to yourself that you will “look after yourself” later, when everything else is done. Sometimes, later never comes. Now, it may well be you have become so used to being in autopilot that you don’t really know that you are disconnected from yourself. What does that even mean?

It means that you have no real idea about how you are feeling or what you want or need anymore.

So, here are 6 signs that this disconnection might be showing up in your life.




I am guessing that you are a people pleaser and quite possibly highly sensitive to the feelings of others. You may be this way because of the way your family has brought you up, or because of the way society has conditioned you. You may constantly search for outside validation as evidence that you are liked. To get this outside validation, you will often go to great lengths to make sure that everybody else is happy, quite often at your own expense. Whatever the reason, this isn’t good for you. It means you have lost touch with your needs, and you end up becoming frustrated with yourself and those around you.



When you feel resentful, it’s likely because you can see that everyone else is happy and looked after, whilst you are not. You have probably not been acknowledged as the one who has helped them get to this state of well-being, but even if you have, and it’s at the expense of your well-being, then you can start to resent the other person’s position.

Now, there is nothing wrong with contributing to another person’s happiness as long as it’s not at your expense.




You might be feeling overly emotional. Are you crying more easily? Is that because you really feel like you don’t matter? Is it because the last time you showed yourself some real care, was eons ago?

Is it because all your hopes and dreams seem to be slipping away?




You probably aren’t getting enough sleep. This can be for several reasons when there is
disconnect. The main one is that your inner self knows that you are disconnected and so when it’s time to go to sleep it reminds you that you haven’t been looking after yourself. Then as you try to push that inner knowing to one side, all the emotions from over giving and over doing reappear and you may end up with a very busy brain, trying to remind you what you “should be” doing.




In some cases, some of you will be suffering from physical illness because your emotions and fears have been trapped in your body. If you do not tune in to and take notice of your needs, eventually your body will respond in this way. After all illness is also known as disease.




I am sure you know what this feels like. So much to do, and so little time. In fact you may be so overwhelmed you aren’t functioning properly at all. So what can you do when you start to notice that you are feeling some of the above?

So what can you do ?

All of these feelings are your body’s way of telling you that you aren’t being honest with yourself, that you aren’t expressing your true feelings, that you aren’t connected with the true you.

The only way you can stop feeling like this, and to improve your overall well-being, is to start being honest with yourself.

The first step is to bring awareness to this, to accept where you are. Then you can look at why you are where you are and forgive yourself.

Next, you can look at ways to try to being more truthful in all aspects of your life. Start saying “No” as a full sentence for example.

Then it’s time to really find some you time, start doing things that bring you joy. Tune into what it means to be a truer version of the you who you are meant to be, one who lives a life where you matter and where you can connect to the person you would like to be.

Meditation can help you to focus back on your own needs, as can going for a walk in nature.

It’s critical that you set some boundaries with others and start putting yourself first.

When you are connected with yourself and your needs, you feel assured, you feel more peaceful, you sleep better and then all of the above “symptoms” of disconnection disappear,

If you can see these signs in you then please get in touch and we can talk over how to create a personal reconnection plan for you so you can feel energised and ready to take on anything life throws at you.

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