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How can a psychic help you?

Do you need help to move forward or to make sense of a situation you have found yourself in? Have you noticed that you have negative thought patterns which have, quite simply, stopped you from dealing with the issue or issues that you may face? In other words, you have convinced yourself that you can’t change something?

Have you ever felt that you are living someone else’s life or feel like you live your life just to please others? Do you ever think about why you don’t feel fulfilled or why you can’t find inner peace?

Did you wake up one day and wonder if there’s a different way of living – one which you can co-create so that at any point you can feel joy? You know, deep down that you aren’t really on the right path and want to change aspects of your life to enable you to live your best most authentic life. You want to know what your soul plan is and how you can align with that in the physical world.

Your journey is unique. You have a purpose. You are amazing.

As a psychic, there are various ways in which I can help you. During a clarity call, we would work together to establish which therapy might be best for you – it might be a combination.

It’s time to take your life back. It’s time to be true to yourself.

Psychic healing and spiritual healing Hertfordshire

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Recently Channelled Messages

‘We see you struggling with being able to love yourself. Always questioning whether or not you’re good enough, whether or not you are worthy of being loved. Of course you are, to us, you’re perfect and we love you. You must however love yourself. If you cannot love yourselves for all that you are, then you cannot expect others to love you in the way that you wish. You attract what you give out. If you project love from within, then you will attract the same energy stream back at you. When we say it like this it seems simple doesn’t it? And that is what we mean.

You know, that love is all around you. You only have to look at the nature and what it provides to know that you loved unconditionally by the universe. Remember you are living a human existence but you are made of light and love and if you allow that to shine through and out of you, then and love and happiness will be bountiful.”

Channelled 20.08.18 by Olwen Jennings

‘This is a call to women on earth. You are the nurturers, the warriors, the mothers, the sisters, the daughters, the Goddesses. You hold so much love and power within you. You support, you love, you give. You are wise, you are strong, you are courageous. It’s time to be you. To be the all encompassing mother warrior that you are, spreading light and love wherever you go but also allowing yourself to shine. It’s time to rise. It’s time to stand together in a new sister hood. One who cares for and nurtures the Earth on behalf of Gaia and one who works together to do things differently from politics to how you raise all your children. There is a new way. The divine feminine has risen and a new way has started. One where the bigger picture is seen. One where there is less division and hostility.

One where you stand together and show all the children how to be themselves- not labeled for this and that but honoured for their individuality and strengths. We honour you the women, the strength, the beauty and the love’

Channelled 20.08.18 by Olwen Jennings from the Arcturians

Sometimes it’s difficult to stand apart from everyone else and be your own person, especially when we have convinced ourselves that we must be like everyone else to “fit in”. I did that for a long time, not really owning my abilities and gifts just in case I was “judged”. Now I am happily living in my authenticity. It brings a sense of freedom and empowerment. Be yourself and see what happens. You are amazing and loved by those that matter most.

Channelled 20.08.18 by Olwen Jennings

“My Reiki treatment with Olwen has changed my life – Thank you so much!”

“Wow, what an insight. Olwen knew things about me I didn’t know myself! Thanks.”

“Thanks so much for your time you are a very special lady”

“That was beautiful thank you”

There are various ways in which you can reconnect with your authentic self through psychic healing including

Channelled Coaching

Here you get the opportunity to work with the opportunity to work directly with my spirit guides. I channel them verbally and they will offer you the insight and guidance you need. They will read your energy to do this. They will work with you.


Intuitive Coaching

By tuning in with you intuitively, I can guide you and ascertain where your life blocks or limiting beliefs might be.

You will also be able to travel down your own time line to your past and to your future. This will enable you to get rid of energy blocks or limiting beliefs. You can establish your future.



Reiki energy brings deep relaxation, soothing emotions and reduces negative feelings. Reiki can help you be the best that you can be by bringing balance and harmony back that has previously been lost in hectic day to day life.

Reiki is also a great starting point for finding out where your energy system might be blocked and from that further work might be needed.

And if you are wondering why it is we find ourselves stuck, consider this – as we grow older, we establish beliefs that make us think we cannot do things or think that we cannot effect positive change.

We grow these beliefs from outside influences and experiences such as what we are told and what we experience.

Beliefs, however, are just that. They are not set in stone and can be changed. They live in the conscious part of our brain.

We lose connection with our true selves. Our subconscious knows what is good for us and what we need but we often let our conscious mind dictate everything.

This means we end up feeling like we are doing something or reacting in a certain way that doesn’t “feel” right. This means that you have gone off track – away from what is good for you. Away from your authenticity.


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